Other Dental Services

Emergencies happen, often as the most unpredictable times. We offer Emergency appointments to those who call the office at 8AM.

Emergency Services

Emergencies happen, often at the most unpredictable moments. Our office provides basic emergency services to those who contact the office at 8am and our staff will assist patients in scheduling same day emergency appointments. Depending on the nature of the dental emergency, treatment can range from triage and medication prescription with appropriate referral to a qualified specialist or definitive treatment like extractions and pulpectomies (emergency start of a root canal) to temporary restoration of damaged teeth until a more appropriate appointment can be arranged for proper treatment. Typically, 2-3 “ER” spots are available on most days depending on scheduling and staff availability.

No one wants a bad day or bad weekend so the staff will make best attempts to get treatment to those patients with pain. If emergencies happen on a weekend or on holidays, our web site will allow messaging to be sent to the doctor or staff to arrange contact and potential emergency treatment.


During regular hours, call our office at 8AM at 302-422-7800

For weekend and holiday dental emergencies, please visit our Emergency page and fill out the form.  The doctor will reply to you as soon as he is able.