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General Dentistry, Awayes Family Dentistry

General Dentistry

The Maintenance, Restoration, and if needed, the replacement of teeth to help maintain good oral health and cosmetics while allowing for the proper function, mastication and digestion of food to promote proper general health.

Dental implants

Implant Reconstruction

Implants are titanium screw-like fixtures placed in bone to assist a dentist in replacing missing teeth. Implant fixtures can be used in a variety of methods or designs depending on number of missing teeth and patient goals for their treatment.

Cosmetic and Ceramic Dentistry

Improvement of a patients smile line leads to a boost in confidence. A nice smile is the ultimate accessory! Making smiles can be as simple of lightening the shades of your teeth with various bleaching techniques to the ultimate smile builder

Invisalign Dentist, Dr. Awayes Delaware


Another exciting field in dentistry is the advent of “invisible orthodontics” such as Invisalign treatment. In some cases, patients can have custom clear trays fabricated to in a sequence, moves teeth with precision and leads to a predictable outcome.

Sleep Disorder Dentist, Dr. Awayes Delaware

Sleep Disorder Dentistry

Patients who snore, suffer from day time sleepiness, and pauses in breathing are unknowingly suffering from a myriad of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, uncontrolled blood pressure to name a few

Craniofacial Disorders dentistry

Craniofacial Disorders

Related to sleep disorders, patients suffering from facial pain, tension and migraine head aches and temporal mandibular joint pain can be treated by a properly trained dentist in Craniofacial disorders.

Emergency Dentistry

Other Dental Services

Emergencies Happen, often at the most unpredictable moments. Our office provides basic emergency services to those who contact the office at 8am and our staff will assist patients in scheduling same day emergency appointments.