Cosmetic and Ceramic Dentistry

Improvement of a patients smile line leads to a boost in confidence. A nice smile is the ultimate accessory! Learn more about Cosmetic and Ceramic Dentistry below.

Cosmetic and Ceramic Dentistry

Improvement of a patient’s smile line leads to a boost in confidence. A nice smile is the ultimate accessory! Making smiles can be as simple of lightening the shades of your teeth with various bleaching techniques to the ultimate smile builder, the ceramic veneer. Depending upon goals and resources, a cosmetic treatment plan can be discussed and designed to fit the patient’s’ needs.

Bleaching can be “kick-started” in the office and followed with custom trays to hold a concentrated solution of peroxide gel that over a period of weeks can lighten the color of teeth. Note that a patient must discontinue habits that contribute to staining like smoking for treatment to be effective. After, retouch tubes of gel can be dispensed to patient for fee to be used in the treatment custom trays for periodic re-lightening of teeth if shade begins to return back.

Composite bonding can be used to close undesirable spaces between teeth when orthodontic treatment may not primary treatment option for patient. Bonding can be done in a single visit without injections and minimal tooth preparation.

Replacement of large amalgam restorations are ideally done with ceramic. High tech computer milling; opposite of 3D printing but along the same lines, can be used to replace old silver amalgams with beautiful ceramic restoration that will improve the health of the tooth by reinforcing the internal structure of the tooth to reduce fracture. If needed, full coverage all ceramic crowns and be made as well as selected implant restorations, in most times in a single visit without the need for temporaries and return visit for delivery. When a complex restoration is needed or a tooth needs to be stabilized, milled precision “temps” can also be fabricated while awaiting final treatment to be done.

Milled Veneers can be fabricated using this technology to either fabricate single visit anterior cosmetic restoration of if an entire smile line is being constructed, reduce to wait time from a conventional lab. With more difficult cases when a lab is required to fabricate veneers, temps can be made and conventional impressions can be taken and a completely new smile can be achieved in 2-3 weeks.

cerec one-visit dentistry
cerec one-visit dentistry

This will give your teeth and smile a more natural appearance and feel.

milling machine


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