Rules and Regulations

1) The staff is here to serve you and help you in any way possible. Patients should receive and respond to staff with the same kindness and concern given to them. Disrespectful behavior to any member of the team will not be tolerated. If it is reported that a patient was disrespectful to a member of the team, TERMINATION FROM THE OFFICE IS IMMEDIATE…THERE WILL BE NO TOLERANCE GIVEN TO THIS! Any problems or negative attitudes should be left at home. Any criticisms of the staff should be handled in a civil manner with office team leaders.

2) You must give a minimum of 24 Hours notice prior to canceling an appointment; 48 hrs if appt is greater than 1 hr in length. Failure to do so may result in a “Broken Appointment” fee which varies $30 to $60 depending on appointment type. Insurance companies including Medicaid are not responsible for this fee; this is the patient’s responsibility. Failure to respond to a penalty letter within 60 days will result in termination from the office. Deposits may be required to secure time for complex restorative procedures (crowns) if patient cancels multiple appointments. Deposits may be forfeited if patients no show or cancel without proper notice. Multiple broken appointments may result in termination of treatment from this practice. This includes all family members with cumulative no shows or cancellations.

3) Patients that are late run the risk of not being treated that day. If the schedule permits, they may receive treatment however, it may be limited or they may need to wait.

4) No more than two family members can be seen each business day. Large time blocks given to a family are very difficult to fill if they cancel or do not show.

5) Emergency appointments are sometimes available throughout out the week. You may CALL at 8:00 am to reserve an appointment . The primary goal of these visits is to treat patients in pain or that have infections. Depending on the problem presented, time available and patient’s medical history, definitive treatment can be rendered. At times, however, palliative treatment, or treatment with medication may be needed. At the discretion of the health care provider, patients may be referred to a specialist. An Emergency Exam fee, radiographs, and prescriptions will be charged regardless of whether definitive treatment is rendered or if a patient is referred to a specialist.

6) Patients are responsible for settling their balances at the completion of each appointment. Insurance may be billed for procedures, however co pays and deductibles are expected upon check out. Any claim not covered or denied by the insurance company will become the patient’s responsibility. For complex restorative and prosthetics, fees must be paid in full by date of delivery.

7) The office system does not support payment plans. Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check or cash. Please note there is a $20.00 returned check fee. After two returned checks are submitted, the entire family must provide payment with cash exclusively.

8) Patients who do not speak English are required to bring translators to the office so that they can explain the treatment. Treatment will not be rendered if patient does not bring a translator to scheduled appointments.

9) RESPECT THE OFFICE! Please do not litter in the waiting area, restroom or parking lot. Also, no food or drinks are to be consumed in the waiting area. Smoking is not permitted on the premises.