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The information here has been developed for medical doctors looking for further details on how craniofacial and sleep disorder dentistry can be incorporated into part of your treatment plan.

We will work together with you to ensure the patient’s ultimate safety and best outcome.


Sleep disorders are on the rise and the medical problems associated with them are increasing and becoming difficult to control. One of the most common sleep disorders is Sleep Apnea. Divided into 3 types: Obstructive which is the more common, Central and Mixed. Central and mixed Apneas are typically treated by the use of CPAP devices that are the gold standard in sleep disorder breathing . . .


Most patients who suffer headaches multiple times throughout the week with default description of their condition as migraine headaches or fibromyalgia that may lead them away from diagnosis’s that may be more accurate and treatable without heavy emphasis on medications alone. Most headaches are either Tension headaches with their origins in the cervical vertebrae . . .

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Our Office is committed to making sure that patients about to undergo Chemo or Radiation treatment are properly screened and dentally prepared for treatment. Medications used in chemotherapy such as bisphonates affect bone healing. Therefore, any teeth needing extractions should ideally be completed before initiation of chemotherapy . . .


As well as advanced training in various niches in dentistry, the office possesses various unique forms of technology not found in most dental settings. Mini Head and Neck CT scans can be done for a fraction of the cost of Hospital CTs and with considerably less radiation. The scans can actually be viewed in 3D as if the skull image can be rotated . . .

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